Saturday, October 15, 2011

Leopard Pumpkin

Last year a friend of mine saw a leopard pumpkin at Michael's craft store. She asked me if I had one..........I didn't........and I couldn't believe that I didn't. (You've seen my collection of leopard Santa's on this blog haven't you?) So....I made myself one. Everyone looks great in leopard prints! ....don't you think? I bought one of those pre-lit white pumpkins at a "to be un-named" big box discount store. The rest of the supplies I had at home. I realize that not everyone has leopard print tissue paper sitting around.........but I have lots of it! I had to dig through my drawer of craft supplies to find my Mod Podge. I kept my fingers crossed that it wasn't all dried up, and miracles of miracles it wasn't. I love Mod Podge by the way......I used it back in the late 60's. (No this wasn't my bottle from the 60's!) Now it comes in all kinds of varieties.........glossy,matte finish, outdoor, sparkle! I would have loved sparkle Mod Podge back then! Those were the days..........the original smiley face, peace signs, In-A-Godda-Da-Vida.........sorry.........took a psychedelic trip back in time for a second. Okay, I ripped the leopard tissue paper into 1-2 inch pieces and slapped in on my pumpkin and brushed the podge on each piece, overlapping them until the whole pumpkin was covered. Once dry I applied another coat of Mod Podge to give him a nice finish. I outlined his pre-cut mouth, eyes and nose with a permanent marker to set off his mischievous grin. I think he looks terrific. I did a small black end table, and a cute vintage sewing box using the same technique. They are fun accent pieces. Go ahead.......find something and cover it with leopard print. It fits in with every decor. Really! If you don't have time to make one.......I have some for sale in my Etsy shop. CLICK HERE .