Monday, July 9, 2012

Wedding Brooches

I was contacted, on my Etsy shop, by Kristen, a bride to be. She was interested in pins for her and her bridal party. She had chosen very chic black retro style dresses for her bridesmaids. She wanted 3 custom brooches for her bridesmaids, incorporating each of their favorite colors mixed with crystal rhinestones and pearls for the individual girls. One with touch of emerald, another with a sprinkling of ruby red, and one with yellow gems. They would all be different but have a similar feel. Kristen was going to be married on the northern coast, which can be chilly, and had bought a terrific faux fur shawl on Etsy to go with her dress. I had been working on a black, white and crystal brooch incorporating feathers. Once I showed it to Kristen she said it would be a perfect piece to pin on her shawl. I had to agree. Perfect! Once the wedding was over she'd be able to wear a piece from her wedding ensemble any time she wanted.. .... I just heard from the new bride. She had an amazing wedding and wanted to share with me wedding photos showing the vintage collage brooches I had created for her. I was thrilled to get the images of the beautiful bride and her friends. They look marvelous and I'm so happy to be a small part of her special day. Kristen, I wish you and your husband a wonderful and happy life together. Enjoy! I have her permission to share these photos with you.