Saturday, January 31, 2009

Grand Opening of Valerie Tyler Designs Retro Collection

I'd like to help celebrate and promote the opening of my fellow Cleveland Handmade artist, Valerie Tyler's new Etsy Store. My love of vintage and retro leads me right into her shop. She is a talented artist and does a terrific job creating pieces with the time tested classic feel. She's stocked her store with all sorts of vintage style goodness, including some classic black and white pieces in her Classic Noir Collection, Art Deco and Retro Mod style jewelry, jewelry with a touch of yesteryear and Victorian flair, and pieces with a nostalgic look. Check out her blog before Feb. 8th for a chance to win one of her creations. Here’s a few examples of what you can discover:


Valerie said...

Thanks Mary!

I've added your blog to my subscription list so I can check it out more often.

I'm really impressed by your photography skills! You've captured some really neat shots.

zJayne said...

Great pictures, creative spirit, and I've enjoyed Valerie's blog... Hey, she rocks!

Nice kudos her way vintage... great rambling!!

~waving with a smile
Jane aka zJayne