Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Studio Tour

I'm participating in the Quilting Arts/Cloth, Paper, Scissors open studio event this weekend. They want to celebrate the release of their current magazine by getting folks all over the world to open up their studios! My "rhinestone workshop", as I call it, is ever evolving. I spend a lot of time creating my wearable art from vintage pieces and I love to be surrounded by things that I love and inspire me. I have a need to be organized, but I admit, my work space tends to get a bit cluttered up with shiny bits and pieces. One wall of my workroom is full of chains.........beaded and vintage. I'm always on the look out for unique and functional storage. My favorite is my jadeite green drawer box. It is from an old hardware store. A couple of coats of sealer gave it a nice sheen. It goes with me to all my art shows to hold supplies. Having a dedicated work space where I can leave out my work in progress is a luxury I apprecite. Visit my Etsy store to see what I create in my workshop. I'm off to check out other studios and get more creative ideas! Cheers!


virtuallori said...

It's such a wonderful space, and it totally reflects your personality. Thanks for sharing!

zJayne said...

Oh I so love your space! and this name Rhinestone Workshop!

Adore your green drawer find...I want that big time! ha!

I have several vintage california job cases that I stack for storage but to take pictures...oh my... come organize me for pictures!

This was a treat to see. Thanks!

Jane aka zJayne

Star said...

Now there's a clever idea! making new from old. I like your brooches very much and I love the way you have used the wall space to keep everything nice and tidy.
Blessings, Star

LazyTcrochet said...

So organized! Wonderful to see. Thanks for sharing.

Donna B said...

You are so clever, ingenious and organized! I envy your work space. I can only use my studio 8 months out of the year because it is in our garage. I melt if I go in there during the summer. I really enjoy visiting your blog.