Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Devils Food Rolo Cookies

Can you tell I've had a sweet tooth lately? I picked up this recipe from one of my fellow Cleveland Handmade team members. I can't remember which one, so if it was you, please fess up so I can give you due credit. These addictive cookies are easy to make........just the way I like to cook!

  1. 1 Box of Devils Food Cake Mix
  2. 2 Eggs
  3. 1/3 Cup (generous) oil
  4. 1-12 oz bag of Rolo Candies

Mix the cake mix, eggs and oil until it looks like dough. Take a scant teaspoon of decadent smelling chocolate mixture and wrap it around a Rolo candy. When covered, roll in your hand to make a nice ball. Place balls on ungreased cookie sheet in a 350 degree oven for 9 minutes. Leave room on cookie sheet for balls to spread.

I just made these cookies again. So easy....but somone got into my rolos and I didn't have enough. So I used some Holiday white chocolate Candy Cane Pepperment Hershey's kisses instead. OUTSTANDING! Let me know what else you have used in the middle of these chocolate treats!


Copper Leaf Studios said...

damn you...

Ms. B said...

Oh yum! Those look so good but are a major no no for me!

zJayne said...

are you allowed to curse on blogs? ahahhaha

okay, I'm giving in...
print away... now I have a
Vintage Ramblings in my recipe drawer that ends with

leave room for balls to spread.


Amy C. said...

Cake cookies are one of my favorites to make! I've also used Andes mints plus a tsp of peppermint flavoring. YUM!

One of The Wildwomen said...

Love the cookies, but, am also interested in the table you placed the cookies on!! Is the table painted or is that a tablecloth? Love it!

Vintage aka Vinty said...

That was a leopard placemat the plate of cookies was placed on. I have done a few tables in leopard print......great idea for my next post....stay tuned.